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We have been very fortunate in our breeding program to have the kind assistance of Miss Rachel Greaves. Rachel, with her Wrangham Kennels, is the Matriarch of the Working English Springer Spaniel in the Southern Hemisphere and is recognized Worldwide as an Authority on the breed.


Rachel’s input has, in no uncertain terms, helped to put Glastonpark on the map and for all her help and guidance we will be eternally grateful.


In our program we try and breed a certain type of Springer. Not only do we breed for Temperament and Biddability but we are also attempting to produce ‘old fashioned type’ Spaniels.


When I was a lad in Somerset the Springers were a much heavier type of dog than those seen in England today. The Spaniels today are lighter, smaller and often not much bigger than a Cocker Spaniel. In our opinion if you want a Cocker then buy one, don't try and breed Springers down to that size.


With this in mind we have started to produce more substantial dogs. Dogs that won't look twice at a patch of brambles and will have the size and presence to give it a good shake to find the game that’s hiding inside.


This program is an ongoing development and one that takes a great deal of planning to produce the type of Springer that we desire.

Our selection of breeding stock is very critical to the future of  the kennels.


We normally retain 30% of the puppies that we breed and, these are sometimes placed out to approved homes on breeding terms. From there we regularly monitor their progress.


The other 70% of puppies we breed are for sale, again to approved homes only. It is most important to us that we have the right homes for all our pups and we will do all we can to ensure that your partnership with your puppy is a happy and enjoyable one.


All our pups come with Pedigree papers, the selection of our breeding dogs have Pedigrees that go back generations that are full of Working bred lines. We are proud that there are no ‘show’ lines in any of our dogs. The pups are Vet checked, inoculated, micro-chipped and wormed before they leave us, so that we know you are purchasing a sound, healthy pup that is full of potential.

Breeding Program


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