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What to look for in a Puppy:


First and foremost have a look at the surroundings that the puppies are being raised in. No matter what the pedigree of the dog may be, if the place looks dirty and un-kept then I would turn around and leave.


If possible try and see the parents, sometimes this isn't always possible but at least the breeder should be able to show you photos of the parents.


When it’s time to view the puppies what do you look for?


I like to see a dog with a good head, like the photos of our pups on the breeding program page. As well, the puppy needs to have nice eyes. In my opinion the eyes are the window to the soul. A puppy with a nice soft, bright eye is far easier to train and much more pleasant to look at.


The puppies should have good conformation, when you look at them do they look nice, not too thin or not too fat but just an even healthy looking pup?


Are the pups clean or are they in a mess? Check their rear ends and make sure they are nice and clean. Avoid anything that has a messy rear end.


I firmly believe that with dogs and puppies you only get out what you put in! I have spent years analyzing different dog foods and I have settled on Eukanuba. In my opinion Eukanuba is the best all round dog food on the market today and I firmly believe that you can tell a puppy that has been raised on Eukanuba. Like everything in life you only get what you pay for.


I have all my dogs on Eukanuba and it costs me $1.20 per dog per day to feed them, I have less mess to pick up and and the dogs thrive on it.


Whether you are looking at a puppy from our litter or another breeders, the puppy has to have the ‘pick me up and buy me’ appeal. It’s like choosing a wife or husband. You have to wake up and look at it each day so choose something that pleases your eye.

Choosing a Puppy


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