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"In my opinion there is nothing finer than a frosty morning, a Springer working through bracken ferns in search of a rabbit, partridge or pheasant. The dog becomes ‘gamey’ and a partridge is flushed, immediately the dog drops to the ground to enable the gun to take a shot, remaining steady until being sent for the retrieve bringing the bird to hand with a perfect delivery.



That is the reason that I breed and train English Springer Spaniels, the finest all round gundog in the world."


My name is Stephen Sapsead. I was born in Somerset England, and since an early age I have loved Gundogs.


I have owned and trained Springers for over 40 years and firmly believe that there is nothing nicer than watching a properly trained spaniel do the job that it was bred for.


Together with my wife, Lesley, I own and run Glastonpark Kennels in the Central Highlands of Victoria.

I believe that Glastonpark is the 1st Professional Gundog Kennels in Australia. We breed and train Working English Springer Spaniels as you will see as you look through our website.


We have gained a reputation for turning out nice biddable shooting dogs and loyal companions. Our dogs have a wonderful temperament, a trait I seek as it makes training so much easier.


We are heavily involved in Field Trials around Australia where our dogs have competed and done very well.


Glastonpark dogs are in high demand by shooters and people looking for a companion for long country walks, therefore we always have a waiting list for puppies and trained dogs.


Our dogs are also used for Termite detection, Truffle sniffing and by NSW Police and the Forces as Sniffer dogs. This is a job that they excel at and we are very proud of our association in this area.


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