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Glastonpark’s Socialization Program starts from the end of the 2nd week of the puppies life. We ensure that each puppy has the correct exposure to humans and the large world that they will face. All our puppies are handled daily by us and our children who enjoy nursing them and giving them lots of love.


At 4 weeks old the puppies are moved to a pen outside where they come in further contact with people, other dogs, horses, chickens, ducks and the business of everyday life.


Our intention in breeding puppies is to find dogs that are good enough to carry on the Glastonpark line. It is important to us that we only breed from the best dogs available and at 6 weeks we start putting the pups through simple tests to find out what type of personality they have. We have 6 different tests that are quite simple for a little pup and we score the pups on each test to determine which is bold or shy and what we think have the potential to become a field dog. This allows us to have a good look at the structure of the pup as well as the early stages of its personality and intelligence.



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